Based on the Perspective of Construction Contract of Project Quality Management Research

YANG Xiao-liang1


1. Tianjin University Renai College, China


AbstractAiming at the quality problems appear constantly in the field of construction engineering in China, this paper analyzes the perspective of construction contract and expounds the function of the construction contract in the engineering quality management. Compare the 2013 edition of the "construction contract (model text)" with the 1999 version of the FICIC "construction contract conditions" in the engineering quality of the relevant provisions of the analysis, to find the two contract model in the project personnel structure, engineering authority, sub-contractor selection, employer supply materials and mechanical, warranty five aspects of the difference. These differences will be the research direction of improves the quality of the construction contract clause.


Key words: Construction contact; Quality management; Engineering quality clause



International Journal of Ground Sediment & Water

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