International Journal of Ground Sediment & Water
ISSN: 2372-0743 (print)
ISSN: 2373-2989 (on line)


2016, 03


1. Study on the Small Gravity Erosion on the Gully


YANG Jishan1
1.Yellow River Institute of Hydraulic Research, Zhengzhou, 450003, China 


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2. The Numerical Simulation of a Coal Mining Based on the 3D Geologic Model


Zhang Mei1  Meng Da2
1.Agricultural University of Hebei, College of Urban and Rural Construction, 071000 China, Hebei  Baoding
2.China Academy of Building Research , 100190 Beijing, China 


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3. Design and Application of Pressure Dispersed Anchor Cable in High Soil-like Slope


Zhu Xiaoyun11.Tianjin Transportation Vocational College,Tianjin 300110,PR China


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4. Study on the Phase Characteristics of the Collocation Relationship Between Runoff and Sediment in the Slop-Gully System


Wang Jia-xin1, Gao Hui-qiao1,Yang Chun-xia2, Fan-Dongming1, Wu Qing1, Yang Ji-shan2
1.North China University of Water Resources and Electric Power. Department of Resource and Environment, Zhengzhou, 450045, China
Institute of Yellow River Hydraulic Research, Key Laboratory of Yellow River Sediment Research of Ministry of Water Resources, Zhengzhou,450003,China


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