The Petroleum-Bearing Formations In The Western Desert of Egypt And East Libya-Are They Correlatable?


M.Hamed Metwalli1, 2*

1. Cairo University, Giza, A.R.,999060 , Egypt

2. Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest,999024, Hungary.

E-mail:; Fax: +202 24021016.


Abstract: Many speculations have been raised among geologists in Egypt in the sixties of the 20th century about the so-called relation between the petroleum-bearing section in East Libya and the lithostratigraphic petroleum-bearing section in the Northwestern Desert of Egypt.These geological speculations did not take into consideration the stratigraphic and tectonic frameworks in the Sirte embayment and the North western corner of the Egyptian Western Desert which is referred to as the Siwa Basin (Egypt). The tectonic frameworks of 'both basins were the result of basement tectonics magnitude and attitude and their differential echo, which governed the modeling of these sedimentary basins.This concept will clarify, or at least should modify, the former speculations about the hydrocarbon -bearing rock units in the Western Desert of Egypt and East Libya petroleum basins in general.

Keywords: the western desert of Egypt, east Libya, stratigraphic, tectonic frameworks, petroleum



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