Study on Soil Erosion in Ansai County of Shanxi Province

Chen Fengjiao, Sun Jichao*

School of Water Resource & Environment, China University of Geosciences Beijing,100083, China

* Corresponding author E-mail:

Abstract: Ansai country in Shanxi province is located in the plateau of the northwest inland. Its unique characteristics, terrain slope and summer rainy climate conditions, and severe agriculture and human activities, all lead to serious soil erosion in the region. For the soil condition of the Ansai country, this paper uses ArcGIS software to research gully density, and using WEEP software analyze the factors of the rill erosion which is the main way erosion of Ansai country. Then the results show that the soil erosion of each area is very serious, belong to intense level. And the soil erosion in each cultivated area gives a significance guiding for soil conservation.

Key words: Macro monitoring extraction; Gully density; Model simulation; Rill erosion



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