Calculation Methods of Design Flood and Comparisons in Small Watersheds

Li Xingzhou1, Li Yueming1, Sun Jichao1* & Guo Han1

1 School of Water Resource & Environment, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, 100083, China

* Corresponding author E-mail:

Abstract: It is very important to design and apply the design flood in the design of the watercourse. The corresponding numerical values determined have a decisive influence on the design of the river way. The determination of the numerical value is related to the safety of bridges, railways and other facilities on the river and the cross-strait People's life. The calculation methods of design flood are different in different size basins. This paper will summarize the calculation methods of design floods and take the Laofenghe River Regulation Project as an example to analyze the calculation and application of design flood in small watershed.

Key words: Catchment; Design flood; Design storm



International Journal of Ground Sediment & Water

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