Geological Environment Assessment of Facing Stone Mine in Aojiang River Basin, Fujian, China


Fenzhen Ye1,2*, Jichao Sun2*, Qing Li2

1Fujian Institute of Geological Surveying and Mapping 350011 Fuzhou, China

2School of Water Resource & Environment, China University of Geosciences, Beijing, 100083, China

* Corresponding author E-mail: (Ye); (Sun)


Abstract: The author relies on the "Aojiang River Basin decorative stone centralized mining area UAV aerial image interpretation" project, obtained by aerial image interpretation of the Aojiang River basin in Fujian Province decorative stone geological evaluation of environmental indicators of the basic data. On this basis, it is put forward that it is suitable to evaluate the geology environment of facing stone mine by adopting the grid method and analytic hierarchy process. The geological environment evaluation of facing stone mine based on the grid method and AHP was studied, and the geological environment evaluation index of the mining face stone mining in Aojiang River Basin was collected. According to ARCGIS platform, the index assignment is converted into the corresponding raster data, and then the contrast matrix is calculated to calculate the index weight, and the raster data is used to calculate the comprehensive evaluation of the geological environment in the study area. Finally, the grading map of the geological environment assessment in the study area is obtained. Thus providing basic data and decision-making basis for eco-environmental protection in Aojiang River Basin and accumulating experience for the evaluation of mine geological environment in the province.

Key words: Aojiang drainage basin, the assessment of geological environment, analytic hierarchy process

International Journal of Ground Sediment & Water

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